Catalonia criminalized by Spain


First of all: I would like to excuse for my english.

Pushed by 3 important reasons I will start today my first post in English:

  • I shall thank my ex girlfriend Johanna today called Mc whatever to let me learn by myself all the English I’m able to use today. I wrote her so many letters at once that she felt harassed. She belongs still to “the story of my life” so thanks form here, I bet my English would have been even better with a bit more of time.
  • I shall thank Estrella Esteve, I nice, antique, lady that told me one day: “why you do not write in English sometimes in your blog.
  • I shall thank to the Spanish government the reason to do it: I need to communicate to all my foreign friends what is going on in Catalonia.

Will not waste my time to explain you who we are, if you need to know it at this stage, you better go to Wikipedia and retrieve the information: they will tell you that we are and old country from Europe, now a region from Spain (because we lost our independence on 1714). We were in the wrong side, with the Augsburg’s

Since many years we are claiming to be independent, well better said, since many years we claim to get the hands off from the Spanish guys. Is an easy story, I pay them 4, and they give me back 2 without saying thank you and in a quite un-respectful way. We speak as well a different language, we do have a different story to tell since 1500 years and we do look at life on different way. We do not celebrate the same things and basically, although we like each other we always end up saying the same phrase each one on its place and God in all of them.

Since many years, but getting more stressing the last four, we are claiming to finally split from Spain. We tried on many ways:

  • We said ok! Good bye and they said. NO
  • We then tried with a long lastingneveraccomplishing negotiation with them: they said there’s nothing to negotiate guys! Keep on paying and we will keep on the same way!
  • And then we decided to play the referendum cards.

(this is that brutally explained… but please read a bit more)

Catalonia decided to push for a referendum and here we arrive where I wanted to go.


In Catalonia today:

  • We are getting our newspaper closed by the police force from Spain
  • We are getting our Mayors in the jail if they do not go to the court to declare
  • We are getting prosecuted because we want to express our opinions by the Spanish police
  • We are getting claimed to the court individually if we support the Referendum
  • We are getting Judged and we do have to pay with our savings all the fines that the Spanish government is charging us

Spain is prosecuting the Catalans, and I am a Catalan, and we will fight for our rights to the end.

During the following days I will publish in English a bit. I am sorry for my irish friends, I almost learn the language from them, almost.

But I hope that this will help to give a bit of light on what is happening in Catalonia.




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